Vision & Culture

Built to last companies have two things in common…strong Vision and strong Culture. Your Vision drives your Culture and your Culture delivers your Vision. Let LTP Advantage help you create and articulate your Vision and cultivate and ope-rationalize your Culture.

Vision Workshop

Are you a founder, owner or CEO looking to hone in on your Vision to increase alignment and success? This 1 day workshop includes prep work, exercises and a meaningful and engaging leadership retreat for you and your team to gain clarity and laser focus to your Vision. By the end of this session, you will have created a V1 of your company's Purpose, Values and Mission for your company. Additional days and refinement available.


Varies Based on Statement of Work: Whether you are looking to create a meaningful way to articulate and brand your culture, looking to bring recognition to your workplace or want to understand what tangible things you can do to improve your culture and workplace environment, LTP Advantage will help you pinpoint your areas of opportunities and create a winning to strategy to cultivate your workplace culture.