Leadership Retreats & Team Builders

Leadership Retreats and Team Builders are where personal growth meets company performance and have the potential to 10x your business. Let LTP Advantage help you create and deliver a meaningful and productive experience that adds immediate value to the attendees and results for your business.  

Options below include Foundation (for first timers to Strengths and Real Colors Development), Teams (for groups who want to build on foundation to improve work-ability, connection and performance), and Leadership (for leaders who want to lead more powerfully and increase their team's engagement, retention and success.) 

Real Colors- Foundation

Real Colors® is a unique four color personality assessment and workshop presented in a fast, fun, interactive format, Real Colors® participants learn to quickly identify their own temperament—or “color”—and that of others. Using this powerful knowledge, participants develop more effective interpersonal communication skills and build better relationships—in and out of the workplace. Ready to improve your communication skills and learn how to speak and connect powerfully with virtually any personality type?

Real Colors, Real Teams

In order to have a successful team, individuals need to be able to see, understand and appreciate the strengths of each team member, determine as a group how to use these to their best advantage, and then work together to reach their goal. Participants will: discover the strengths each color bring to the team, appreciate the intrinsic value that different points of view bring to a team, learn to work effectively with all team members, and learn how to effectively motivate individuals on a team. Completion of Real Colors Assessment and Real Colors Foundation session required for all prior to attending.

Real Colors, Real Leadership

Real Leadership is designed to successfully and strategically allow participants to use leadership concepts whenever they find themselves in a leadership role. The training will help participants recognize each color’s leadership strengths, and assist them in developing a plan to successfully lead each color. An effective leader can successfully communicate with, motivate, respect, influence, and understand the unique perspective of each color. The strength of a great leader is not in dictating the process of creating success, but rather in allowing each color to use the process in their own way to create success. Real Colors. Real Leadership explores each of these successful leadership concepts and more. Completion of Real Colors Assessment and Real Colors Foundation session required for all prior to attending.

Clifton Strengths- Foundation

Join the more than 17 million people who use Gallup's Clifton Strengths Assessment — to live their best life at work and everywhere else. It isn’t until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their role, relationship...and life! "There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths." Ready to be more of who you really are and apply your unique and powerful strengths to get unstuck and create happiness throughout your life?

Strengths Builder Teams

Teams should be well rounded precisely because we as individuals are not."Planning a team builder and looking to bring in some authentic self and team discovery via strengths exploration? Strengths Teams is the perfect workshop to take your team to the next level. This session uses team activities and an extremely interactive approach to understanding how the team can best work together to achieve results. Strengths Builder Teams is a 1.5-3 hour session depending on needs and attendees. Completion of Gallup Top 5 Assessment required for all prior to attending this team builder. Completion of Strengths Foundation session is highly recommended

Leading with Strengths

Looking to adopt a strengths based culture, then incorporate this workshop in your next Leadership retreat. Leaders will identify their Leader Strength Domain Quadrant, learn how to lead with their strengths, customize their leadership delivery based on the strengths of the individuals on their team, and learn how to implement strengths based development with their teams. People working in their strengths zone are 68% more likely to be engaged at work and will stay in their role 30% longer. This workshop utilizes hands on activities and an extremely interactive approach to understanding how leaders can guide and create a strengths based culture within their teams, departments and company. Leading with Strengths is a 2.5-4.5 hour session depending on needs and attendees. Completion of Top 5 Assessment and Strengths Foundation session required for all prior to attending.

Customized Leadership Retreat or Team Builder

Don’t see what you are looking for, want tweaks, or have a concept that you want to see come to life...no worries! My individualization strength loves to customize!

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