Why Coaching?

  • Authentic Self Awareness
    • 65% of people who receive regular coaching are engaged at work compared to 13% of the overall workforce. (Gallup)
  • Leverage your Unique Strengths for Success
    • 60% of people who receive coaching report an increase in their income. (HBR)
  • Achieve your Dreams and Goals
    • 85% of respondents reported greater fulfillment as a result of their coaching experience (Forbes)

Let's utilize Gallup StrengthsFinder or NCTI Real Colors to unlock your full potential. From group coaching to personal and professional 1:1 coaching, let Georgi and LTP Advantage help you unleash your authentic best self.  

Gallup StrengthsFinders

Gallup StrengthsFinders is a revolutionary self awareness assessment that will allow you to discover your authentic best self.  You will have the terms to understand who you are at your core. When combined with our powerful workshops and coaching experiences, StrengthsFinders empowers you to unlock your infinite potential, identify what you naturally do best, and provides you with the powerful language and actionable direction to transform your work, your relationships, and your life.  By being more of who you are, you can create and live your best life.

NCTI Real Colors

Real Colors is a dynamic workshop experience that will allow you to discover insights into your personality and the personalities of others.  Real Colors will provide you with the skills you need to enhance communication with all types of personalities, to reveal the intrinsic predilection of each temperament and to recognize and appreciate the variations in human behavior.  Join millions of people who use Real Colors and its principles to improve their personal and professional relationships and add real impact to their daily lives. The methods learned and utilized through Real Colors can bring you trans-formative results and enduring success.

What Can A Coach Do For Me?

I create space for 2 new coaching clients each month

It is vitally important that you hire a coach that will compliment you and bring out your best. 

Check out below to confirm that I am the right coach for you. 

Are we a good fit?  

There are a variety of coaches out there, each with different areas of expertise and various approaches and styles.  Let's make sure we would gel.  If you read the list below and think I am the right coach for you, then let's talk.  Seriously, because I can almost certainly help you and probably much more quickly then you might expect!  

We will be simpatico and you will see amazing results if you:

want to achieve more on a daily basis

want to find what you are truly meant to do

want to be more self aware of your own patterns and tendencies

want better relationships at work/home/community...

want to have more clarity on what is truly important to you

want to create lasting impact in your life & the lives of others

However, we might not be the best fit if you:

only want to TALK about doing

do not want to be open and real

don't want to be held accountable

are interested in blaming others for your life

do not care to own your life

you have moderate to serious depression or other mental illness that is untreated​

If we are on the same page, then let's do this, because I want to help you find your path, embrace your joy and create your impact!